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Hello and welcome to S B Coaches College (SBCC), your one-stop shop for training and fitness advice to enable you to be the best version of yourself. Our site will look at the best strength and conditioning training methods for athletes available today for optimum results. 

We are the most comprehensive website online for athletes and coaches. We will provide you with top-level advice and techniques to achieve results beyond what you could imagine.

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Whether you are an athlete, a sports coach, or a strength and conditioning professional, we are dedicated to providing you with top-level information from the best in the industry.

We will look at how strength coaches at the top of their game prepare their athletes for competition, and how you can transfer these methods to your training for peak performance.

Through our guidance you will learn about a range of training methods and techniques, and when to apply them for an optimal response.

We will cover in-depth:

Speed & Acceleration

We will look at the methods used by top athletes to gain faster acceleration to gain an advantage over their opposition. Faster acceleration will allow you to reach your top speed faster and give your opposition less time to react.

We will look in detail at how to do this for optimal speed performance.


Agility training will improve an athlete’s balance, control, and flexibility. The ability to shift pace and direction at speed is a skill that can separate a good athlete from a great athlete.

We will offer advice on the best training methods available to hone this skill and make YOU stand out from the crowd. 

Fat Loss For Athletics

Finding the right balance between fat loss and muscle loss can be difficult. Approaching the best nutritional way to shift unwanted fat, whilst maintaining muscle growth is something even the best athletes can struggle with.

With our expert advice, we will provide you with the tools to shift this dynamic for peak results. 


Strength training is not always about gaining muscle. It is about the body’s ability to generate force for results. We will look at the best training methods and techniques to include a well-executed strength training plan into your regime. 


Through our host of experts, we will discuss how as an athlete you can turn your power into a sport-specific quality and skill. We will give you the tools to use your power and build on it, to run faster, jump higher, and perform better.


Flexibility training for athletes is imperative to minimizing injuries, maintaining muscle strength, and improving an athlete’s overall performance. We have the tools to assist you with increasing your flexibility and maintaining it. 


Having the correct nutritional plan for your training needs is one of the most important factors contributing to overall performance. The timing of food consumption is also imperative to optimize performance levels and aid with your recovery.

Our nutrition experts are on hand to provide you with the guidance you need. 

Restoration/Recovery Techniques

There are a range of recovery and restoration techniques available to speed recovery so you can get back to what you do best as quickly and safely as possible. We discuss the top restoration methods available for athletic recovery.

Injury Prevention

There are a host of tools available for athletes to minimize injury in their chosen field. We recognize the importance of highlighting the risks to help you to prevent injury as much as possible. 


Learn how to implement a physical conditioning regime into your training plan to optimize athletic performance.

General Physical Preparation (GPP)

GPP is the groundwork of any successful athletic training program. Understanding the importance of this stage of training will allow for a seamless transition into the SPP stage of your training routine.

Specific Physical Preparation (SPP)

Fully understanding the importance of this part of your training regime will help you to reach peak performance and physical condition. It is especially important during the pre-competition and competition phases.

Our team of experts can help you to create the optimum SPP plan for your performance.

Teaching Progressions

Using methods and techniques adopted by top-level athletic coaches, we will provide you with the products and information to reach a new level of performance.

Kinetic Chain Concepts

We look in-depth at the concepts of kinetic chains and how joints and muscles affect each other during movements. Understanding this can impact overall performance and enhance results whilst minimizing injury.

Force Production & Force Reduction

Many factors will affect force production and a muscle’s ability to produce and sustain force. Improving your force production will optimize your athletic-specific skill performance. 

We also look at the importance of force reduction, or shock absorption techniques to increase participation comfort and reduce long-term impact injuries. 

Multi-Planar Training

Multi-Planar training is an essential element of athletic training as it focuses on training all muscle groups we use daily and not just those specific to our sport.

By looking at all three planes of motion – frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes, you will help to improve your movement patterns, the range of motion and functions you can perform, and reduce the risk of injury.

By incorporating a multi-planar training concept into your regime, you will optimize your athletic performance to reach peak goals. 


For athletes, adopting a successful periodization technique to promote long-term performance improvements whilst avoiding performance plateauing and overtraining is key.

To strike the right balance, we will look at the different stages of the periodization cycle so that you can reach peak performance at the right time.

So if you are a training athlete, or a sports and conditioning coach looking to expand your knowledge to gain optimum performance and results, then you have come to the right place.

We will provide you with the tools and techniques needed to reach the peak of your athletic career. We are dedicated to training athletes committed to reaching their goals.

Ready, Set, Go – Let’s get started!