Can You Coach High School Football Without Being A Teacher?

Most soccer players begin their journey in the early years of high school, with most high schools having their own soccer team. And of course, with a soccer team, there has to be a soccer coach.

Can You Coach High School Football Without Being A Teacher

But here’s the thing, while most high school football teams have a teacher acting as the coach, could you be a coach without being a teacher? 

The answer is yes, but it can depend. So basically, if you’re not a teacher, you might not always be able to be the coach, but there are plenty of times in which you can make it work. 

The main thing to look at, is whether the school in question, according to the state and school district it is in, requires all personnel to have a teaching certificate or not.

A coach isn’t exactly teaching a class, but the coach is still responsible for a group of minors, within the context of a high school. So it might be that you need a teaching degree in order to be the team’s coach. 

However, there are plenty of schools in which they will accept non-teacher coaches to lead the football team.

The issue, in those cases, is that they will often give priority to teachers within the school that might want to become the coach, as they will have that degree in education which makes them a more desirable candidate overall. 

But let’s take a look, a little more in depth, at why having a teaching certificate might be helpful, or how you might still be a high school football coach without: 

  • Becoming a high school football coach with a degree in education:

In almost every high school, having a degree in education will be of significant value if you’re trying to become a coach.

In fact, in some school districts, having a degree in education is a requirement, as you are working with a group of minor students within the high school grounds.

Plus, in most cases, the coach is often also the teacher of a certain subject, so that the school staff is optimized. 

This is also while, even when not required, they will prioritize teachers from the high school, and candidates with an education degree. 

  • Becoming a high school football coach without a degree in education:

What if you do not have a degree in education, but you really want to become a football coach? Well, there are still options. The first thing is to look for the schools in which a degree in education is not a requirement. 

There’s usually more of a chance of being hired as a coach in bigger high schools, where they have more of a budget and a higher demand.

You might want to look for high schools with a track record of having a good football team, or a high school with a big budget in regards to sporty extracurricular activities.

Some high schools prioritize their football team, to help their players start their career from there. 

In these types of high schools, they might be more willing to hire a non-teacher, as someone who is solely focused on being the football coach might be more appealing and needed. 

How Can I Coach Without Teaching?

Can You Coach High School Football Without Being A Teacher

If you want to become a coach at a school, but you don’t want to have to become a teacher at that school in order to be considered for the role, then there are a few different things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired for the role. 

However, you need to be aware that it is a lot easier to end up coaching a team, if you are already a teacher at that school. And teachers will most often have priority over you when it comes to choosing who the coach is. 

That being said, it isn’t impossible. Here are a few things that might help you become coach without teaching: 

  • Look for the right school:

First of all, not all schools will be willing to hire you as a coach if you’re not a teacher. Some might not be able to, due to the regulations. So the first step is to aim for the right school. 

One that does not require you to be a teacher, and one which will be willing to hire an outsider as a coach! 

  • Get a teaching certificate or similar:

You might not have to become a teacher, but having a teaching certificate or similar will seriously improve your chances of becoming a coach at a school. Many schools require a degree in education, even for coaching, so having one will broaden your options. 

  • Have a coaching qualification and a good CV:

Most schools will require the coach to have a valid coaching certification, so this is something you should absolutely get if you want to coach at a school. 

  • Be the only choice:

It might sound bad, but schools that are desperate for a football coach will not turn you down, and will be far more lenient on the requirements.