Hat Trick Facts You Need To Know In Soccer

In soccer, a hat trick is scored when a player scores three goals in one game. This is considered a rare feat because it requires a combination of skill, luck, and timing.

Hat Trick Facts You Need To Know In Soccer

Typically, this will be achieved by attacking players, as they spend more time near the goal. However, a lot of players have the opportunity to score a goal.

In this article, we will discuss what a hat trick is and why it is such a big deal in soccer.

In Soccer What Does A Hat Trick Mean?

When it comes to soccer, a hat trick is when a player scores 3 goals in just one game.

The goals don’t have to be scored consecutively to be counted as a hat trick. They just all need to be scored during the one match.

A hat trick is also a term used in hockey. Essentially, one player has to score 3 goals in one game. 

Hattrick Or Hat Trick Or Hat-Trick? 

You may see this term spelled in multiple ways and wonder which one is correct. 

The term hat trick actually comes from cricket in 1858. The bowler known as H.H Stephenson was the first person to ever score a hat trick in cricket.

Stephenson managed to score 3 wickets on the cricket grounds in Hyde Park. In a celebration for this hat trick, Stephenson was given a hat in acknowledgement.

Later on, this term made its way into other sports such as soccer and ice hockey. Thus, several variations of this term were created.

As a result, all the terms and spellings of this term are accepted. As they all mean and refer to the same thing. 

What Is A Perfect Hat Trick?

There is such a thing known as the perfect hat trick. This where 3 goals are scored in one game. However, the player scored these scores in a particular way.

One goal is scored using their left foot, another with their right foot, and the final one is scored using their head.

By scoring the 3 goals like this, this is known as a perfect hat trick. Hat tricks themselves are very rare to happen. The perfect hat trick is a much rarer sight and not seen for long periods of time. 

How Many Points In Soccer Does A Hat Trick Score?

When it comes to soccer, a goal is always worth one point. No matter how the goal is scored or when or where on the pitch it is scored from. It is always worth just one point.

Therefore, a hat trick will result in 3 points in total in a game of soccer, as each goal will be one point. In the end, the team that has the most goals and points will win the game. 

Who Is Known To Have Scored The First-Ever Hat Trick?

As we have mentioned above, the cricketer and bowler H.H Stephenson is known to be the first sportsman to score the first ever hat track. Yet this is to do with cricket and not soccer.

In soccer and from the world record books, Bert Patenaude is said to be the first player in soccer to perform the first hat trick.

The first hat trick is said to have happened in the world cup in 1930. Bert Patenaude was playing for America, and they were in a match against Paraguay.

This is where the first soccer hat trick is said to have happened. 

Is There Anything Better Than A Hat Trick?

A hat trick in soccer is its own achievement, as it isn’t easy to do. However, there is no limit on how many goals one single player can score in just one game. 

Although, for some teams, just managing to score a couple of goals is a cause for celebrations.

Yet, if given the chance, a single player could score more than 3 goals. If they did manage to do this, then this would be better than a hat trick. 

Below we have mentioned what it is called by scoring 4 goals in just one game.

As scoring 4 or more goals in one game, in soccer, would be better than a hat trick. Ideally, the more goals scored, the better. 

What Would You Call 4 Goals Scored In Soccer?

Sometimes, a single player will score 4 goals in one game. If a player manages to do this, then they have achieved a super hat trick. Although, this name can differ depending on the country. 

In some countries, it is known as the super hat trick. While in others it is referred to as a haul or poker.

What Is A Double Hat Trick?

A double hat trick isn’t too difficult to work out. You just need to double a regular hat trick and that is your answer.

Therefore, a double hat trick is when one player scored two hat tricks, equalling 6 goals in just one game. 

Scoring a double hat trick is a very rare and difficult thing to witness. As a result, only a handful of players have ever been able to manage it.

As of writing, there are only 4 known players that have managed to achieve a double hat trick. These are the following. 

  • Syd Carter,
  • Johnnie Mullington,
  • Albert Valentine,
  • Andy Scott.

Is A Hat Trick Rare To See In Soccer?

We have briefly touched on this question throughout this article so far. It is quite rare to be able to witness a hat trick.

You never know when it is going to happen, as it is an unpredictable thing to occur. 

What makes seeing a hat trick so rare, is the fact that soccer is a naturally low scoring game.

When you compare soccer or any other sports, especially basketball, you will notice how few goals are terrifying. 

For example, during the world cup in 2006 that was held in Germany. The average number of goals that were scored in each game was 2.3.

This means that during the 2006 world cup, there was only a 3.3% chance of the game you were watching having a hat trick.

As you can see, the odds are really low for you being able to see a hat trick in a soccer game. 

The Odds Of Two Players Getting A Hat Trick In One Game

On each soccer team, there are 10 players that have the chance to score a goal, and one goalkeeper on each team trying to keep the ball out.

As a result, there are various players on the pitch that have the opportunity to score a goal.

However, as spoken about above, it is quite rare for a single player to be able to score a hat trick in a game. It isn’t impossible, but it is extremely difficult.

It is quite common for a player who does manage to score a hat trick in a game, to keep the ball from the match as a symbol of what they achieved. 

You may wonder what happens when more than one person scores a hat trick during one game. Well, this is a very rare thing to occur.

However, typically this will still happen, as long as more than one ball has been used during the game.

However, just one hat trick in a game is a really rare thing to see. Seeing two hat tricks in a single game, is even rarer. Although, it isn’t impossible, and it has happened a couple of times. 

One of the times two hat tricks have happened was during the Premier League during the 1992 to 1993 season.

During the Wigan Athletic vs Blackburn Rovers game, Marcus Bent from Wigan Athletic scored a hat trick.

So did Roque Stana Cruz from Blackburn Rovers. In the end the game ended 5-3 and Wigan Athletic won the match. 

There is another game where two players both scored a hat trick each. This game took place in May 2003. However, in the game, two players from the same team scored a hat trick each.

Both Rover Pier and Jermaine Pennant scored a hat trick each for Arsenal. Thus, they won their match 6-1. This game was also Jermaine Pennant’s debut for the team as well. 

Scoring A Hat Trick In Soccer Tips

A lot of players may dream of scoring a hat trick during a soccer match. It is seen as quite a big achievement.

We have put together a few tips on how you may be able to increase your chances of scoring a hat trick during your next soccer match. 

Practice Makes Perfect

With soccer practice and especially practicing your finishing will help you a lot. You can practice every aspect of your game in soccer, but goal scoring is really important. 

If you really want to achieve a hat trick, then you must practice your finishing skills. This will include striking the ball on the inside of your foot, or with your laces or even hitting the ball off a volley.

There is a lot of work to do with your finishing and using your different body parts to help you. Don’t forget your head, as a lot of people have made a goal heading it into the net. 

Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

You need to believe in yourself and have confidence in your skills that you can score a hat trick. If you don’t have this confidence, then it may not happen.

You need to trust in your skills and abilities. This confidence will help enhance your skills and training, hence increasing your chances of a hat trick happening. 

Paul Hartley is a former Scottish soccer midfielder. His quote will give you some insight into the kind of confidence we are talking about.

He said that “I looked in the mirror in the morning and told myself it was going to be my day.”

He then went on to score a hat trick. It may not have happened every game, but he believed and had the confidence that in each game the chances of it happening were possible.

That was all the confidence that he needed, and that confidence was in himself.  

Take The Opportunities That Come Your Way

As we have said that you need to work on your finishing, as that is so important. Sometimes you can’t always plan on what you are going to do.

Sometimes, you just need to take the opportunities that you get near the net and make the most of them.

To score a hat trick, you need to be near the net and scoring. As a result, when a chance is presented to you. You should take it. The more chances you have to score, the better. 

In Soccer Who Is Known For The Most Hat Tricks?

Hat tricks may be a rare thing, but there are a couple of soccer players that are known for scoring hat tricks.

As hat tricks are a rare thing, it is quite impressive how many hat tricks these soccer players have been able to achieve. 

Below is a list of the top players who have scored hat tricks and the amount of hat tricks that have managed to achieve. 

  • Robert Lewandowski – 22 hat tricks.
  • Luis Suárez – 29 hat tricks.
  • Lionel Messi – 55 hat tricks.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – 58 hat tricks.
  • Pele – 98 hat tricks. 
  • Erin Helmchen – 141 hat tricks. 

The Fastest Hat Trick That Has Been Recorded In Soccer?

In a game between Nairn County and Ross County in Scotland in 1964. Tommy Ross of Ross County scored the fastest known hat trick ever in the world of soccer. His hat trick was achieved in only 90 seconds of the game. 

In some games, players have managed to score a hat trick within 3 minutes of the game. This is quite a rare thing to happen, but a few players have managed to achieve it.

For example in 1960, in a game at Dalymount Park, Dublin against the Bohemians, Jimmy O’Connor is known to have scored a hat trick in just 2.5 minutes of the game. 

Youngest Player To Have Scored A Hat Trick During The Premier League

Michael Owen was only 18 years and 62 days old when he achieved a hat trick during the Premier League while playing for Liverpool.

Until this day, he still owns the record for being the youngest ever player to have achieved a hat trick during the Premier League. This was achieved during a match on the 14th February 1998.

Has Cristiano Ronaldo Ever Scored A Hat Trick Against Barcelona?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a well known soccer player all over the world, and known for his great skill at the sport. As of time of writing, Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to net around 34 hat tricks for his team, Real Madrid. 

Yet, a lot of fans do wonder if Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a hat trick against Barcelona.

Well, in short, he has! This happened during a 2009 match where Cristiano Ronaldo scored the hat trick, which helped his team beat Barcelona with a score of 3-0.

Which La Liga Member Has The Most Hat Tricks For The Team?

Lionel Messi, is another well known soccer star, known for his talent at soccer. This Argentinian soccer talent is known for having the most La Liga hat tricks.

Messi played for Barcelona for almost 13 years between 2007 and 2020 and produced around 36 hat tricks while he was there. 

Messi managed to beat Cristiano Ronaldo’s record in December 2019. Ronaldo’s former record was 34 hat tricks, but now that is second place to Messi-s 36.

Amount Of Hat Tricks Messi Has Scored Overall

Messi is a well known player that has developed quite a few hat tricks throughout his soccer career so far.

While he was at Barcelona, Messi produced 36 hat tricks. This then brings his total of hat tricks up to 55 overall. 

The first hat trick that Messi ever achieved was back in March 2007. Messi was only 19 years old and playing for Barcelona, and he achieved his first ever hat trick.

This helped the team win their match and face Real Madrid during the Clasico. 

However, Messi is known to produce a fast hat trick as well. In 2015 while playing for Barcelona, Messi produced a hat trick in under 12 minutes, in a match versus Rayo Vallecano. This hat trick has been recorded as the third-fastest hat trick of all time. 

However, Messi may be good at attaining hat tricks, yet he has never achieved the perfect hat trick. This is where one goal is produced by the ball hitting his right foot, then a goal with the left and a goal is a header.

However, Messi has been able to produce a weak-fitted hat trick. During the Champions League game in 2014, against APOEL, it is known that Messi performed a hat trick using his right and non-dominant foot. 

Ronaldo Vs Messi: Who Has The Most Hat Tricks?

For years, Ronaldo and Messi have been compared to one another. They are both highly sought after and talented soccer players.

When it comes to looking at their hat tricks stats, it is quite impressive from both players and the numbers are very close to each other. 

The stats are always changing, and sometimes Ronald has more hat tricks, while at other times Messi is in the lead.

At the time of writing, Ronaldo is ahead in this battle between the two soccer stars. He has the most hat tricks.

This is because Ronaldo has 58 hat tricks and Messi has only 55. Yet, both are impressive numbers. 

Final Thoughts

The hat trick is a term used in soccer, when a single player manages to score 3 goals in a single game.

The term originally comes from cricket but has made its way into other sports, like soccer. However, as soccer is such a low scoring sport, seeing or producing a hat trick is a very rare thing. 

To achieve a hat trick, you need to condense and put in the world and practice. Only a couple of very skilled soccer players have managed to achieve a hat trick in their careers. These include Ronald and Messi.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and that it has given you a deeper understanding of hat tricks in soccer.