How Do You Become A Certified Soccer Coach?

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How Do You Become A Certified Soccer Coach?

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Do you need a certificate to coach soccer?

Yes, you do need a certification to coach soccer.

As we have established, there are different levels of certification that can be obtained through the United States Youth Soccer Association, and you will need to achieve one of these before you will be able to coach. 

However, these certifications are not the only criteria that you will need to meet before you can begin coaching. 

As well as becoming certified, a soccer coach will also need to meet or exceed the minimum age requirement of 18 years of age.

Not only will they need to be this age, but they will also need experience of coaching (or playing) soccer.

Generally, most teams will require the coach to have a minimum of one year’s experience coaching soccer before they will take on this role. 

But this isn’t all. Finally, a soccer coach will also need to get a certification in first aid and/or CPR, before they will be able to take on this job role.

So, yes, you do need a coaching certification to become a soccer coach, but you will also need to meet additional criteria to get this job. 

How do you get a US soccer coaching license?

While you will need a certification from the United States Youth Soccer Association to become a soccer coach, depending on the level you want to coach at, you may also need a coaching license.

There is a slight difference between these two qualifications, so let’s take a look at what that is. 

Basically, a certification and a license are essentially the same thing. However, you will only obtain a coaching license if you complete your soccer certification at a level of ‘D’ or higher.

So, if you do your certification at level ‘E’ or ‘F’ then you will be given a certificate. But, if you do your certification for level ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, or ‘D’, then you will get your US soccer coaching license. 

To be able to do a certification of level ‘D’ or above, you will need to have attended at least two in-person courses for grassroots soccer. You also will need an online license for this course, and one of these courses must be in 11v11 soccer.

Once you obtain your ‘D’ license, you will need to gain experience at this level before you can go forward for your ‘C’ license, and this continues as you climb up the qualification ladder. 

How much does it cost to become a soccer coach?

How much does it cost to become a soccer coach?

We’ve spoken about the process of becoming a soccer coach, but something that we haven’t mentioned is the cost of achieving this.

There is no denying that becoming a soccer coach is an expensive process, but let’s take a look at how these costs can quickly build-up. 

While it doesn’t cost money to gain experience in coaching soccer, obtaining licenses and certifications really isn’t cheap. Even the lower level qualifications are expensive, with it costing up to $100 to do both your ‘E’ and ‘F’ certification. 

This price only gets higher as you climb up the ranks of soccer certification. Depending on your location in the USA, the ‘D’ license can cost up to $200, and this price just continues to increase as you get higher up.

It is also very time-consuming to complete these qualifications as you will need to gain experience between each level.

So, all in all, you should expect it to cost you thousands of dollars to obtain every necessary certification and license to become a professional soccer coach. 

How much does it cost to be a soccer coach?

As you can see, becoming a soccer coach isn’t a cheap or easy process. This is why you really need to be dedicated and passionate about soccer if you want to achieve a job role in this sector.

But what are the costs of becoming a soccer coach once you achieve this role? Let’s take a look.

While it costs a lot of money to become a soccer coach, after you are qualified these costs tend to level out. Depending on the level at which you are coaching, you may need to pay the costs for traveling between areas for games.

But other than that, the costs are very minimal. So, it is difficult to put an exact financial amount on the cost of being a soccer coach. 

The main thing that you give up when you become a soccer coach is your time. This doesn’t financially cost you anything, but it can take a toll on your life and relationships.

Being a soccer coach is very intense, and it can very quickly take over your life. So, before you go after this dream, it is important to consider the effect that it could have on how you are currently living your life.