Do Teachers Get Paid To Coach Sports?

Yes, the majority of teachers do get paid to coach sports. However, this is not the case for all teachers, and some may get paid more than others. This does depend on the type of school, and the state.

Do Teachers Get Paid To Coach Sports

The majority of teachers in elementary, middle, or high school that teach physical education will coach the school teams in addition to their regular role. Given that this is an addition, they are typically rewarded for their time spent coaching. 

It is worth noting that not all teachers will get paid to coach sports, and it is up to the individual physical education teacher whether they choose to coach. The money that is earned from coaching is a stipend. 

Given that gym teachers are already teaching the sports that they could potentially coach for their regular role, coaching is a great way to get some extra dollars.

Not only this, but many teachers enjoy coaching their school teams. Not only is it rewarding, but it can be fun and competitive too.

If a teacher does decide to coach, this will be alongside their main role, on a part time basis. While it will not be as much as what a full time coach would get paid, the stipends tend to be reasonable.

While the amount will vary, depending on the school, and the state. Typically, teachers can bring home up to an extra $5000 a year, which is certainly worth considering.

Do Teachers Get Paid More For Coaching?

Yes, if a teacher takes on a part-time coaching role alongside their regular role, they will receive stipends as a reward for doing this. If a sports teacher is looking to coach, this is a great source of extra income for coaching alongside your role.

While all schools and states will vary, as we have touched upon above, typically the stipends can be up to $5000 per year, which is reasonable. When you take this into consideration, teachers do get paid more for coaching.

Though the stipends are not a significant amount, it will still place teachers who coach on a higher salary than some of their colleagues. While it will vary, a teacher will typically earn around $64000 a year.

With the coaching stipends on top of this, it would bring their salary up to nearly $70000, which does make a significant difference. However, if you are looking at who earns more, a teacher, or a school coach that is full time, a teacher typically earns more.

Though, this will change drastically depending on the level of the coach, and in different areas of the US. On average a high school football coach will earn just under $40000. This sum can be as low as $27000, or as high as $69000.

If the coach is on a higher wage, then it is possible they will get paid more than a teacher. But typically a teacher that takes on the role of a part time coach will fare better doing this.

It is certainly something that is worth considering. While it is extra work that takes place outside regular duties, it is rewarding, and will typically be sports that a gym teacher is already invested in. 

Do High School Coaches Make More Than Teachers?

Do Teachers Get Paid To Coach Sports

No, in the vast majority of cases, a high school coach will not make more than a teacher. Given this, if you are considering a teaching job and coaching, it is worth considering becoming a teacher and then taking on the role of a coach part time, alongside your current role.

Carrying out a part time role in addition to teaching is useful as you will receive stipends in addition to your regular salary.

As we have discussed, the vast majority of high school football coaches will typically earn just under $40000 a year. This is around $15000 to $20000 less than the average teacher’s wage.

From looking at this you can see that high school coaches are paid less, though there are some that are paid more than the average teacher, and teachers that take on the extra role as a part time coach.

The amount will vary depending on success and experience, in addition to the school they are coaching in. 

Interestingly, both teachers and coaches need a bachelor’s degree, which should be in some form of sports science or sports medicine.

A physical education teacher will also need these qualifications. Given this, it is clear to see why many people that are interested in both teaching and coaching will opt to teach and coach part time. 

As they will earn more from doing this in the majority of situations, it does seem to be the most sensible option. Both coaches and teachers will have the majority of the same qualifications.